Each fall, the Stephanie C. Davis Dance Residency brings in world-class companies that offer master classes, lecture-demonstrations and performances.

One of the highlights of the academic year is the Winter Dance Concert, a showcase of original choreography based on conceptual themes and directed by Dance Program Director Miryam Moutillet. This show is cast through an audition and runs from Wednesday through Saturday, with two shows on Saturday, in late February and early March.

Each spring, the Steinmetz Dance Performance at the Nott Memorial features dancing by dance minors, student clubs (such as Ballroom, Hip Hop and Bhangra) and faculty. This vibrant festival of dance brings together the campus community as it celebrates diversity at Union College.

Below is an archive of past dance productions including the Stephanie C. Davis Dance Residency, the Winter Dance Concert and the Steinmetz Dance Performance dating from 2009 to present.