Title IX

Campus Climate Survey

At Union College, the health and safety of our campus is always of the utmost importance. Any instance of sexual misconduct is one too many. The College is committed to promoting a campus environment where sexual misconduct in all forms is strictly prohibited and recognized as unacceptable. Union College takes all reports of sexual misconduct seriously and we encourage anyone who has experienced sexual misconduct, or believes they may have experienced sexual misconduct but are unsure, to seek help and report those instances. We educate members of our campus community in a multitude of ways about their role in ensuring a safe and healthy campus.

This survey serves as a means to collect a snapshot of experiences of the students that responded. While the relatively small response rate creates some limitations as to what we can conclude from the data, the survey does provide important information about the experience of and feelings of our students who did choose to participate. These experiences and feelings help us develop additional ways of ensuring a safe and healthy campus.

At Union College, we want to prevent all instances of sexual misconduct and assault. We are committed to providing educational programming to communicate that our campus is intolerant to interpersonal violence and to provide awareness of each individual’s role in ensuring a safe and healthy campus. We also actively promote the resources for support available to those who are affected by sexual misconduct. We have private and confidential resources available on campus for students and provide referrals to resources in our greater community as well. In addition, anyone can use our anonymous Sexual Misconduct Incident Report to report an incident of sexual misconduct.