Title IX

Campus Sexual Misconduct Bill of Rights

Under the Sexual Misconduct Policy, all members of the Union College community have the right to:

  1. Make a report to local law enforcement and/or state police;
  2. Request that the police remain at the scene until safety is assured;
  3. Request that a police officer assist with arranging transportation or to take someone to a safe place such as a shelter or a family member/friend’s residence;
  4. Have disclosures of domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, and sexual assault treated seriously;
  5. Make a decision about whether or not to disclose a crime or violation and participate in the conduct process and/or criminal justice process free from pressure by the institution;
  6. Participate in a process that is fair, impartial, and provides adequate notice and a meaningful opportunity to be heard;
  7. Be treated with dignity and to receive from the institution courteous, fair, and respectful health care and counseling services, where available;
  8. Be free from any suggestion that the Reporting Party is at fault when these crimes and violations are committed, or should have acted in a different manner to avoid such crimes or violations;
  9. Describe the incident to as few institution representatives as practicable and not be required to unnecessarily repeat a description of the incident;
  10. Be protected from retaliation by the institution, any student, the accused and/or the Responding Party, and/or their friends, family and acquaintances within the jurisdiction of the institution;
  11. Access to at least one level of appeal of a determination;
  12. Be accompanied by an advisor of choice who may assist and advise a Reporting Party, accused, or Responding Party throughout the conduct process including during all meetings and panels related to such process;
  13. Exercise civil rights and practice of religion without interference by the investigative, criminal justice, or conduct process of the institution;
  14. Go to court and file a domestic abuse complaint requesting an order restraining the Responding Party from abuse and/or an order directing the Responding Party to leave the Reporting Party’s apartment, residence hall, College, or workplace;
  15. Seek a criminal complaint for threats, assault and battery, or other related offenses;
  16. Seek medical treatment (police or Campus Safety can arrange transportation to the nearest hospital); and
  17. Obtain a copy of the police incident report at no cost from the police department.