Title IX

Educational Programming

The Title IX Office offers educational programming for student groups and organizations upon request. Programs can be tailored to your needs or you may pick from the programs below. If you aren’t sure what exactly you or your group would like to do, make an appointment to speak with the Title IX Coordinator and a program can be customized to your needs. Topics for programming include: Stalking, Relationship Violence, Healthy/Unhealthy Relationships, Sexual Assault, Bystander Intervention, and much more. Below are some workshops already offered on campus, some are offered in-person and others are available on the web:

In-Person Programming

Escalation Workshop – 90 min
Escalation is a research based, powerful, emotionally-engaging 90-minute film based workshop that educates our community about relationship violence and empowers us to work for change. This program is led by trained facilitators on campus and can be done for any size group.

#AskMe – 90 min
#AskMe is Union’s own bystander initiative that is aimed at building a community that is respectful of each other’s boundaries and is intolerant to sexual misconduct and violence. This program provides an overview of campus policy and expectations, offers the opportunity to have honest discussions about alcohol and its impact, as well as frank discussion about consent and stepping up for others.

Title IX, Policy, and Prevention – 60 min
This program is an overview of Title IX, Union’s Sexual Misconduct Policy and the basics of prevention on campus. Great introduction to what the Title IX Coordinator does on campus and what the expectations are for our community.

Title IX and Reporting Options– 60 min
This program focuses more on the process after sexual misconduct has occurred and covers the basics of making a report and the options that one has both on and off campus.

Web-based Programming

In addition to in-person workshops, Union offers online programming for students. These programs are offered to the campus community and select groups. If you need to access this training, please click the link below.

Safe Colleges

Programming is accessible by using your Union provided username and password.
New York State Education Law and the NCAA require that student leaders, organization Presidents, and/or student athletes participate in programming about sexual assault prevention and bystander intervention. To achieve this requirement, students may be asked to complete web-based programs at the link above.