Title IX

Handling Disclosures

We all have a responsibility to create environments for our students that are safe, inclusive, and free from sexual violence, harassment or discrimination.

As faculty and staff who work closely with students in a variety of ways, you may find yourself in a position where a student has disclosed that they have experienced sexual violence, harassment or discrimination.

All faculty and staff at Union College, including coaches, administrators, Resident Directors and Resident Advisers, are required to report instances of sexual misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator or Campus Safety.*

If a student discloses to you, please take the following three steps:

  1. Share the resources: Union has a number of resources to support individuals who have experienced sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence and/or stalking. These include the Counseling Center, Health Center, Title IX coordinator and Campus Safety.

  2. Share theYour Rights” statement: If any student discloses that they have experienced sexual violence or other sexual misconduct, you should advise them of their rights in regard to reporting by sharing the following statement: You have the right to make a report to Campus Safety, local law enforcement, and/or state police or choose not to report; to report the incident to Union College officials; to be protected by the College from retaliation for reporting an incident; and to receive assistance and resources from the College.

  3. Submit the report: Even if the student does not wish to report to the College or file a complaint, all faculty, most administrators and anyone a student could reasonably believe could help is legally obligated to inform the Title IX coordinator of all relevant information, including the student’s name. You can call (518) 388-6865, use the report form, or email titleix@union.edu. Reports allow the College to take initial steps to address the incident(s), protect and support those directly affected, and enhance the safety of our community.

* If you are unsure of your obligation to report, speak with your director, dean, manager or supervisor.

Confidentiality considerations

Some members of our campus community are considered confidential, including Counseling Center and Wicker Wellness Center staff. They do not need to make a report to the Title IX coordinator, but they are highly encouraged to follow the first two steps to help connect our students to the full scope of resources available.

Information shared in class assignments, class discussions and at public events do not constitute an official disclosure. Faculty and staff do not have to report these to the Title IX coordinator.

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I offer the best support?

    If you are notified of sexual misconduct, recognize that the person talking with you is likely in need of support as well as information.

    • Listen attentively and non-judgmentally.
    • Take note of any information shared with you, but do not push for details.
    • Let the complainant make decisions about what happens next while being mindful of the requirement to report any alleged incident.
    • Affirm that Union College takes sexual misconduct very seriously and that the College policy prohibits retaliation against anyone who reports an incident of sexual misconduct.
    • Describe the available resources and options.

  • What if I have questions about an account of sexual misconduct?

    Call the Title IX coordinator, the Senior Associate Dean of Students and Director of Student Conduct, or the Director of Counseling Services. Any one of these administrators can answer questions, identify options and help facilitate the discussion.

  • What details do I need to provide to the Title IX coordinator?

    You must share whatever information has been shared with you including the names of any individuals involved, details of the incident and the reporting party's wishes regarding next steps.

  • What happens after I file a report?

    The Title IX coordinator will assess the information you have provided and, with input from other College officials, will take appropriate action.

    If your report includes names or other identifying details, the Title IX coordinator will reach out to anyone experiencing sexual misconduct to make sure they have access to accommodations, support and options for taking action.

    The Title IX coordinator will not contact any individuals accused of committing sexual misconduct until a complaint has been filed or an investigation has been initiated.

  • Once I have filed my report, do I have other responsibilities?

    Once you have filed a report, your reporting obligations are complete. You should preserve any notes you may have taken or give them to the Title IX coordinator.

    The Title IX coordinator will provide updates to the reporting party and responding party. You may continue to talk with the person who shared the information with you.

    Please keep the Title IX coordinator updated if you learn new details or if the situation evolves.

  • Will the Title IX coordinator update me on what happens?

    No. Due to the need to protect the privacy of the parties involved, you will not receive an update.

    However, you may be involved in some of the next steps; e.g. helping to arrange an accommodation, speaking with a factfinder or serving as the reporting party's adviser if the person seeks your assistance.