Workday 4 U


Go-Live Checklist

July 1-3, 2024

  1. Log in to Workday

    Access the Workday application in the "MyApps" dashboard at

  2. Requesting Time Off

    Approved time off scheduled after July 14th will not be transferred into Workday. Any time off planned for after this date, even if already approved in Kronos, must be requested again in Workday.

  3. Review Your Payment Election Direct Deposit Information

    Payroll direct deposit and expense reimbursement direct deposit preferences have been imported into Workday. To ensure accuracy, please verify that your payment election details are correct in your Workday profile and update them if necessary.

    Resource(s): Manage Your Payment Election

  4. Review Your Tax-Withholding Elections

    The last tax withholding elections for 2023 will be imported into Workday. To ensure accuracy, please verify that your tax withholding elections are correct in your Workday profile.

    Resource(s): Manage Tax Withholding Elections

  5. Review Your Manager & Team Members

    Ensure your manager/supervisor is listed correctly in the system. Additionally, if applicable, verify that all employees (including students) who report to you are accurately recorded.

    Resource(s): Identify Your Place in the Organization

  6. Add At Least One Emergency Contact

    Your existing emergency contact information will not be transferred into Workday. All college employees must enter at least one emergency contact in Workday.

    Resource(s): Add or Change Emergency Contacts

  7. Print Your Last Paystub

    It’s good practice to maintain a record of your last paystub of the year, every year. With our transition to Workday, print your paystub (located in "Employee Online") from the June 1-21 pay period to keep for your records. Facilities or dining employees can print their paystub for the June 6-21 pay period.

    Resource(s): Print Payslips

July 8-12, 2024

Workday Profile

  1. Review and Modify Your Personal Information (As Needed)

    - Emergency contacts
    - Dependents
    - Beneficiaries
    - Home address
    - Personal phone number
    - Pronouns/prefix
    - Veteran self-identification
    - Change your preferred name
    - Change your legal name

    Resource(s): All Managing Personal Information Job Aids

  2. Review Your Work Address, Workspace, and Phone Number

    To update this information, contact HR at

  3. Review Your Benefit Elections

    The benefit elections you made during the 2024 Open Enrollment have been transferred into Workday. Please verify that this information is correct, including any dependent information, if applicable. If there are discrepancies between this information and your 2024 Open Enrollment confirmation statement, contact HR at

    Resource(s): View and Edit Benefit Election

  4. View Your My Tasks (Workday Inbox)

    In Workday, think of your "My Tasks" as your inbox.

    Resource(s): Using Your Inbox in Workday & Filtering Your Inbox

  5. Download The Workday Mobile App

    You can handle many Workday tasks conveniently from your mobile device using the Workday mobile app.

    Resource(s): Installing Workday Mobile