Union Where You Are: Plans for 2020-21

Experiential Education

Pursuing a virtual service project in a different country, working on critical issues such as food insecurity or access to education, or being part of a community arts project – now is the perfect time to immerse yourself in a meaningful internship or service.

Union's strategic plan, The Power of Union, promised the creation of opportunities for experiential and immersive learning to empower students to apply ideas and understandings gained in the classroom to real-world contexts.

Union will offer, through external partnerships and approved student-arranged placements, a menu of experiential opportunities in several tracks, likely political engagement, education, the arts, business/finance and women's empowerment. To receive academic credit, students need to complete a minimum number of experiential hours and complete necessary academic work. The basic criteria for course credit for an internship or experiential endeavor is: 1.) at least 100 hours of work over 10 weeks at placement, 2.) weekly assigned readings, 3.) weekly discussions with supervising faculty member, and 4.) final paper or project.

Our external partners will offer a certain number of placements for students, or students can find their own placements. Union will provide a Robert J. Moser ’99 Experiential Learning Award ($2,000) to students pursuing an internship or experiential endeavor for credit to help offset any costs incurred.

These experiential opportunities will be available for students living away from campus and taking all classes online. A menu of available placements will be posted on or before July 10. We will continue to add opportunities for the winter and spring terms.