Union Where You Are: Plans for 2020-21

Isolation and Quarantine

For Positive or Suspected Cases of COVID-19

An illustration of someone sick in bed

Union College has an isolation protocol that will be initiated in the event of a positive or suspected positive case. The College will have dedicated spaces for residential students that are positive, suspected positive or deemed necessary to quarantine per Schenectady Department of Health guidance.

If a student tests positive or is required to quarantine, the student must either:

  • Arrange to be picked up by a parent immediately if they choose to isolate/quarantine at home, or
  • Coordinate with Health Services to quarantine in Union’s designated space.

Union College designated space for isolation and quarantine:

  • Students who test positive and are asked to isolate or quarantine by Schenectady DOH will be accommodated in isolation/quarantine space.
  • Faculty and staff will not have the opportunity to isolate or quarantine in these spaces.
  • Students living in isolation/quarantine spaces agree to follow Schenectady DOH regulations. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action.
  • Care for students in isolation or quarantine: Schenectady DOH will be in touch with students required to isolate/quarantine daily per their protocol. Union College Health Services will also monitor students during this time.