Union Where You Are: Plans for 2020-21

Minervas Online

Artificial Intelligence. Climate Change. Inequality, Power & Privilege. These enduring, thorny, essential, fundamental topics are increasingly complex and do not belong to one discipline or one professor’s class.

To grapple with the complexity of the big questions of today and to try to come up with solutions, a variety of knowledge and perspectives from across disciplines is required.

Union’s new strategic plan, The Power of Union, calls for an integrated approach to addressing a series of big questions and grand challenges so that students gain a deeper appreciation for what they learn in courses and develop the skills required to lead. This, along with the success of traditional Minerva Courses offered to students of all classes from a variety of faculty on one issue of import, has inspired the development of a new suite of interdisciplinary online courses called Minervas Online.

These courses are taught by a single faculty member, team-taught by faculty in different disciplines, or taught by multiple faculty across the College. Alumni, artists, activists, scientists, and local and global community members will be included as speakers to provide their unique perspectives on the particular societal challenge. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to work individually and in teams on projects related to the societal challenge.

Minervas Online will be available for students living away from campus and taking all classes online. A complete listing of these courses will be available on July 10.