Union Where You Are: Plans for 2020-21

Return to Campus Plan for Employees

All employees (faculty, staff and administrators) are expected to fully comply with the policies, protocols and guidance outlined in this plan as part of workplace expectations and guidelines. Please see the Health and Safety Protocols section of this site for specific information about expectations. Employees who fail to comply may face disciplinary action.

Employees who are at higher risk for serious illness from COVID-19 or who are concerned about returning to work, should consult with their supervisor and Human Resources about the possibility of working remotely or pursuing other options that are available.

The College understands and recognizes that these can be stressful times. Employees seeking support are encouraged to talk with their supervisor, Human Resources or contact the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), New Directions, (reminder company code is Union College and password Guest) or the Employee Resource Network (ERN) Success Coaches Danielle Williams (518) 709-8575 dwilliams@schenectadyworks.com or John McCarthy (518) 344-8905 jmccarthy@schenectadyworks.com.

Safety Plan for Administrative Units

Prior to employees returning to campus, each administrative unit must provide a COVID-19 Safety Plan specific to their work areas by completing the COVID-19 Safety Plan for Administrative Units. The completed form will be submitted to EHS and the vice president for your area for review and approval. Instructions for completing this form will be provided to supervisors and managers. The plan must be communicated to employees in the area to ensure they understand the scheduled date to return to campus and the requirements for working safely.

There are several options departments should consider to maintain required social distancing measures and to reduce density within buildings and workspaces. Managers and supervisors will be provided training on employee safety and guidance on the information below.

  • Staggered work schedules to reduce the number of people in the office space.
  • Remote Work - Employees who can work remotely to fulfill some or all of their work responsibilities should continue this practice to reduce population density on the campus.
  • Flexible scheduling to allow employees to accommodate special circumstances.

Training for Return to Campus

All employees will be required to complete a Union-provided COVID-19 training course prior to starting work. Those who are already working on campus will be required to complete the training; this will be coordinated with their supervisors.

Training will include responsibilities for members of our campus community, available resources and safety policies.

COVID-19 Care Kits

Employees will receive 2 cloth masks, a CDC face-covering information sheet, 1 oral digital thermometer, and 1 2 oz. refillable hand sanitizer container. Care kits and hand sanitizer refills are available at ISEC 183.

Alcohol Wipes

Wipes are intended for disinfecting frequently touched surfaces of electronic equipment check with the manufacturer to confirm alcohol wipes are compatible. 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes are available in boxes of 80 wipes at ISEC 183.

Disinfection Kits

The disinfectant spray is a non-hazardous hydrogen peroxide solution that is effective against the COVID-19 virus. It is intended to be used on frequently touched common surfaces such as door handles, desks, chairs, and countertops. It is not intended to be sprayed on electronic equipment.

Disinfection kits will be available in each classroom, EHS will coordinate delivery prior to the start of the term.

Faculty members and staff can help by reminding students to follow instructions on the kit bucket for applying the disinfectant, which requires a 1 minute wait time before wiping, and making sure the kit is in the designated location at the end of class, and securing the room when leaving.

Kit refills (paper towels, hand sanitizer, disinfectant solution) are available at ISEC 183.

Other areas that require disinfection kits can contact James Ropitzky at ropitzkj@union.edu, the number of kits available are limited and should be shared in work areas.

Disposable Face Masks

Each department will receive 1 box of 50 disposable face masks to provide a single mask to students, employees or visitors who don't have a face covering with them. Departments should maintain a list of who gets a mask, including the person's name, email address and date. If the same person forgets their mask 2 times, please notify Human Resources. Additional boxes of disposable face masks are available at ISEC 183.


The College produced official COVID-19 signage, which was installed by Facilities Services. If a department wishes to install additional signs or floor markings in their work area, EHS can meet with them and assess what is appropriate.


See Travel under Health and Safety Protocols

Visitors on Campus

See Visitors and Gatherings under Health and Safety Protocols

For More Information

These guidelines are the framework for providing a safe environment at Union College during the COVID-19 pandemic. Comments or questions may be directed to EHS (ehs@union.edu) or Human Resources (hr@union.edu).