Student COVID Protocols FAQs

Campus Safety (518) 388-6911
Wicker Wellness (518) 388-6120

Paged updated 1/10/2023

General FAQs

  • Can I get items like a thermometer, mask, or COVID test anywhere on campus?

    You can get a thermometer, masks, or COVID rapid tests from Wicker Wellness (weekdays) or by visiting the College Park Hall Info Desk (evenings or on weekends).

  • Where can I get a COVID-19 test?

    If you are experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19 weekdays, you can go to the Wicker Wellness Center for evaluation and a possible COVID-19 test. If you experience symptoms nights or on the weekend, you should self-administer a rapid test.

  • What do I do if I test positive?

    Students should inform the College of their positive test by contacting Campus Safety and asking to be connected to the on-call staff. The Dean of Students office will request faculty understanding and flexibility for students in isolation.

Isolation for COVID-19 positive students

  • What are the isolation protocols?

    Any student who tests positive for COVID-19 will be required to isolate for at least five days from the onset of their symptoms or the date of their positive test. Students will be released from isolation after five days if they are fever-free without the aid of medication and their other symptoms are improving.

    Our isolation protocols are based on a "family unit" response where isolation takes place at home. Isolation protocols are as follows:

    • If your permanent address is within 250 miles of campus: You should return home or otherwise make your own arrangements for isolation. Students need to have an isolation plan in place before they arrive on campus for the winter term.
    • If you live in a single room: You will isolate in your room.
    • If you live off-campus: You will be responsible for your own isolation.
    • If your permanent address is more than 250 from campus and you live with a roommate: You will isolate in your living space. Your roommate will remain in the space in most cases. Students with roommates are encouraged to discuss this COVID-19 protocol in advance of testing positive.
    • Special cases: A very limited number of isolation spaces may be available for those with no other feasible options. Students with extraordinary circumstances and who are interested in requesting one of these spaces should contact Campus Safety and ask to be connected to the on-call staff.
  • So, going to a hotel for isolation is not an option?

    The College will no longer provide isolation housing at area hotels as it did last academic year. Students are free to make their own hotel arrangements should they desire.

  • Does being in isolation mean I can’t leave my room?

    For the most part, individuals isolating with COVID should remain in their residence and avoid contact with others for at least five days. Exceptions include bathroom usage and meal pick-up. You should keep appropriate distance from others at all times.

  • How will I get food if I am isolating in my room?

    If isolating on campus, on-call staff will provide instructions and notify Dining Services. Students are permitted to leave their isolation space while wearing a mask and go to the designated pick-up area at Dutch Hollow in accordance with dining hours. Students should report immediately back to their isolation space after picking up their meals and avoid contacts along the way.

    In the event a student is experiencing severe symptoms and cannot leave their isolation space to retrieve their meals catering will be notified to initiate meal deliveries

  • What precautions should I take immediately following the end of my isolation period?

    Consistent with CDC guidance, individuals with COVID-19 should wear a mask when around others - both inside and outside - for the five days following the end of their isolation period.

  • Do I need to contact my faculty if I test positive?

    Students should inform the College of their positive test by contacting Campus Safety and asking to be connected to the on-call staff. The Dean of Students office will request faculty understanding and flexibility for students in isolation. You should feel free to reach out to your faculty members directly if you have specific questions or concerns about staying current with your coursework.

  • What if my symptoms don’t resolve after five days or get worse?

    Most cases associated with the omicron variants of COVID-19 have been relatively mild, with symptoms largely resolving within a few days with the help of over-the-counter medications such as fever-reducers or cough medicine.

    If, however, this isn’t the case please go to Wicker Wellness Center weekdays for evaluation, or visit a local urgent care facility or your personal physician at other times.

For students with a roommate in isolation

  • If my roommate tests positive and isolates in our room, do I also have to isolate?

    No, but we encourage students in this situation to exercise caution by limiting contact with their roommate and wearing a mask when around their roommate. The COVID-19 individual will be required to wear a mask while in isolation. All individuals in the residence should wash their hands often and regularly sanitize surfaces during the isolation period.

    We also encourage roommates in this situation to consider wearing masks when around others during the isolation period and to be especially mindful of experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19, and that they get tested at the first sign of symptoms.

  • What if my roommate tests positive for COVID-19 and I don’t feel safe isolating with them?

    Roommates are encouraged to discuss this possibility before someone tests positive. We recognize that staying in your room or residence may feel uncomfortable at times. Should an individual not feel comfortable sharing a living space with someone who tests positive, they should contact Campus Safety and request to speak to the on-call staff.