Union Where You Are: Plans for 2020-21

Union College Policy for Food Service at Outdoor Events on Campus

Union College will hold limited events on campus using outdoor venues in a manner that is consistent with the College’s Policy for Indoor and Outdoor Public Gatherings. This policy relates to events held on campus that are attended by visitors from outside the Union College campus community and for events attended only by Union students and/or employees

New York State recently revised its guidance on March 15, 2021 for in-person and catered events. In
compliance with that guidance, Union College will require the following at outdoor events on campus
that will have food catered:
- A maximum attendance that is the lesser of 200 people or 75% of the capacity of the venue
based on the certificate of occupancy.

  • Events are prohibited from being held between the hours of 12am and 5am.
  • Hosts are required to maintain a log of all attendees for the purposes of contact tracing, if necessary.
  • All visitor attendees must present proof that they are either fully vaccinated prior to the event, or have received a negative PCR test within 72 hours of the event, or a negative antigen test within 6 hours of the event.
  • All employees and students must provide a green emocha badge for the day of the event.
  • All visitor attendees must complete and submit a visitor attestation form that will be provided by their campus contact before the event, on the day they will be on campus, prior to arriving, in order to demonstrate they are not experiencing symptoms potentially associated with COVID-19.
  • All attendees must comply with Union College’s policy requiring that a face mask be worn outdoors when 6 feet distancing can’t be consistently maintained. Attendees can remove their facemask briefly while eating or drinking and must be 6 feet from other people, except when they’re with members from their household.
  • Attendees’ arrival and departure times will be staggered to assure maximum physical distancing.
  • Food service will be arranged in a manner to prevent attendees from congregating at a buffet table or bar. Whenever possible, meals will be plated or packaged ahead of time and either served grab and go or distributed to attendees by staff.