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A Sampling:

Visual Culture in Communist China

Popular Music in Modern Japan

Caste, Religion and Politics in Modern India

International Economics

Discourses on the Vietnam War

The Mao Years

Japanese Sociolinguistics

The New Wall of China

Zen and Tibetan Buddhism

International Politics in East Asia

Asian Studies Program
Asian Studies Program
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Students participate in a Balinese music and dance performance.
Students participate in a Balinese music and dance performance.

Asian Studies

See where Union takes you:
  • China Assistant Training Coordinator, University of Minnesota
  • Special Needs Teacher, the New England Center for Children
  • Asia Manager, Law Firm of Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP
  • English Instructor, EPIK Program, Korea
  • Graduate Student in Japanese Literature, Harvard University
  • Graduate Student in Japanese Translation, Tufts University
Study Abroad
Explore, Experience, Engage
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  • Shanghai, China
    Students visit attractions and participate in cultural events in and around Shanghai.
  • Osaka, Japan
    Features Japanese-intensive courses
  • Vietnam
    Students will begin intensive Vietnamese language instruction in Ho Chi Minh City
  • Cambodia
    Social mission focus
  • Bali
    Intensive study of Balinese performing arts
  • Tianjin, China
    Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • India
    Politics, heritage, history and culture
  • Thailand
    Examines the monarchy system and Buddhism
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There's no question about the influence Asia has had on world history, as the birthplace of four major religions, written language, cartography and everything from gunpowder to paper.

This vast region is home to 57 percent of the world's population, and its economies represent approximately one-third of the World Gross National Product. The impact Asia will have on the future is incalculable.

Union's Asian Studies program focuses on the language, culture and art of Asia, with emphasis on China and Japan. Our incredibly diverse faculty members offer courses in many disciplines across the spectrum of the humanities and social sciences – contributing their expertise and passions in everything from music and art history to economics and political science.

Students take a series of courses that teach both social scientific and humanistic ways of viewing and analyzing the world. They also are able to develop their individual interests by concentrating on courses that explore a related theme, such as ancient Chinese civilizations, Japan or Asia as a global force. In all, there are more than 70 courses to choose from, enough to keep our students curious and engaged from the moment they set foot on campus until they graduate.

Asian Studies intersects with many different disciplines. With their acquired depth and breadth of knowledge, our students pursue a range of independent projects, research and theses. They work closely with their professors in an atmosphere of collaboration and personal exploration.

Union terms abroad are offered in China (Shanghai) Japan (Osaka), Vietnam and Cambodia, with mini-terms in Bali, China (Tianjin), India and Thailand. Students’ unparalleled experiences in these countries are a highlight of their undergraduate education.

The Asian Studies major at Union leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree. Our students are well prepared for a world and marketplace in which knowledge about Asia is critical. Graduates have gone on to advanced study and to careers in the arts, business, education, government service, journalism and law.