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A Sampling:

ECE-240. Circuits and Systems The analysis, theory and applications of circuits and systems, from models and properties to filter design.

Design of Mechanical Systems
(senior-level design course with newsworthy projects)

Mechatronics Design
(elective in which students have engineered hockey robots)

Solar Energy Analysis and Design
(using Wold Building's rooftop solar lab)

Engineering Acoustics
Principles of acoustics, electromagnetics, circuit theory and signal processing applied to the analysis of musical instruments, auditorium acoustics, digital instruments and audio signal processing.

Signal processing applied to create technologies that measure and analyze human body characteristics for use in security and forensic applications.

Introduction to Biomedical Instrumentation
Introduction to the theory and application of instruments in medicine; covers measurements of the major systems in the body.

Computer Network Protocols
A study of how the Internet works, including TCP/IP and application protocols.

Embedded Microcontroller Systems and Robotics
Hardware architecture and programming of microcontrollers including both assembly and higher-level languages, microcontroller robotics applications in weekly hands-on laboratory.

VLSI System Design
Cutting-edge chip design including latest advances based on nano-engineering techniques.

A Tesla coil, part of a student research project.
A Tesla coil, part of a student research project.

Engineering at Union

See where Union takes you:
  • Senior Electrical Engineer, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard
  • Engineer, Toyota Racing Development
  • Chief Design Engineer, General Electric
  • Systems Analyst/Software Engineer, International Atomic Energy Agency
  • Electrical Engineer, Knolls Atomic Power Laboratories
  • Pilot, Wasabi Air Racing
  • Nuclear Plant Engineer, Bechtel, Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory
  • Software Engineer, Siemens Corp.
  • Senior Test Design Engineer, General Dynamics
  • Post Award Grant Administrator in Research Management, Partners HealthCare
  • Sales Engineer & Marketing Coordinator, Sheaumann Laser, Inc.
Elliot Seguin '06
Mechanical Engineering
Elliot Seguion '06
Test pilot and engineer for the company that built Spaceship X

In 1845, Union College became the first liberal arts institution in the nation to offer a degree in engineering. Today, we continue to lead the way and are, according to U.S. News & World Report, ranked #17 among national undergraduate engineering programs accredited by ABET.

We offer degree programs in Bioengineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Minors are available in Energy Studies, Environmental Engineering, Nanotechnology and most every other major on campus.

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'Popcorn' part of a safer concrete
Engineering student contributes to project that could save lives.

Our engineering students combine their major with minors from across all disciplines, from theater and dance to history and economics. They are active in the Steinmetz Research Symposium, technical conferences, publishing research, academic competitions, professional societies, student clubs, community service and other campus-wide activities.

Our programs emphasize close student-faculty interaction and hands-on undergraduate research with instrumentation of the kind typically reserved for graduate students.

In addition, all Union students must complete an international experience – in the form of a term abroad, an exchange program, an international engineering project or a course sequence of foreign language or cultural diversity. The vast majority of engineering student study abroad in every corner of the world, with special engineering terms abroad offered in Belgium, Germany and Turkey and a mini-terms in New Zealand.

We prepare our students for successful careers in business and in graduate school. Our students have access to all of the resources résumé production, mock interviews, career fairs, internships, alumni networking – of the Becker Career Center the moment they step on campus and every day as an alumnus.