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A Sampling:

HST-138. Big History
An exploration of the past from the Big Bang to the present, dividing the history of the universe, earth, life and humanity into periods using very large scales of time

HST-158. The Holocaust
European and American Jewry from 1933 to 1945, focusing on modern anti-Semitism, the Nazi world view, German extermination policies, the response of Europe and the U.S., and Jewish behavior in a time of crisis

HST-224. Introduction to Public History
An overview of public history, defined as the presentation of history to a general public audience; includes a public history project in the Schenectady area

HST-226. A Novel View of U.S. History
The broad scope of American history from colonial times to the present as revealed in literature and novels

HST-266. The Age of Henry VIII
An analysis of the imperial ambitions of Henry VIII and Edward VI in Britain and Ireland

HST-312. History of Women's Rights in the United States
Examines major themes in the study of American women's rights

HST-323. Race and Revolution
Examines the American Revolution and the Haitian Revolution

HST-401. Seminar in Africa/Middle East: Islam in Africa
Examines the social, cultural and political history of Islam in Africa during the 19th and 20th centuries

Department of History
Department of History
Lippman 112
807 Union Street
Schenectady, NY 12308
(518) 388-6220
History class: Tudor and Stewart Queens with Professor John Cramsie
History class: Tudor and Stewart Queens with Professor John Cramsie


See where Union takes you:
  • Deputy Press Secretary, U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand
  • Research and Collections Technician, New York State Museum
  • Attorney, California Supreme Court
  • Senior Account Manager, Yahoo
  • Assistant Editor of Photography, Forbes
  • Analyst/Trader, Bullock Trading, LP
  • Vice President, Merrill Lynch & Company
  • Attorney, law office of Jean Mahserjian, PC
  • Trial Preparation Assistant, Manhattan District Attorney’s Office
  • Reporter, Long Beach Herald
  • Director, International Trade Policy, Embassy of Israel
  • Captain, U. S. Marine Corps
  • Executive Assistant to Director of Development, Boston Symphony Orchestra
  • Associate Director, Los Angeles County Museum of Art
  • Client Services Associate, Christie's, New York
  • Assistant Professor of History, Russell Sage College
  • History Teacher, Waltham Public Schools
  • Physician, Albany Family Medicine
  • Doctoral Candidate in History (Africa), Michigan State University
  • Doctoral Candidate in History (Latin America), University of Texas-Austin
  • J.D. Candidate, Albany Law School

History comes alive at Union College. More than just a survey of data over the ages, our courses and seminars emphasize ideas and institutions across the globe and the continuum of time.

"Although I concentrated on U.S. history, I also took courses in European and Middle East history, and my professors connected the material with my political science minor. This was the perfect program for a history buff, and it left me well prepared for law school."

Alex Cooper '12

As a History major, you will gain an appreciation of the past and an understanding of the social, cultural and institutional developments that have shaped our world.

You will be introduced to historical methodology and the fundamentals of historical research and writing so you may imagine other cultures and eras, reflect on and comprehend human struggles, and become adept at assessing evidence and weighing conflicting interpretations of history.

Above all, you will learn to think critically, write persuasively, and analyze and solve problems – solid foundations for becoming a thoughtful, engaged, well-rounded citizen.  

The Department of History is based in newly renovated Lipmann Hall, home to many of our Social Sciences. Our classes are small, which allows for opportunities to interact with your professors on a personal level.

You will concentrate your studies in one of five fields of history:

  • African and Middle Eastern
  • Asian
  • European
  • Latin American and Caribbean
  • United States

Courses in special topics focus on Global History; History of Science, Technology and Medicine; Public History; Religion; and Women’s and Gender History.

To gain a global perspective beyond classroom instruction and discourse, you may choose from many terms abroad and mini-terms, including a full term abroad in Athens, Greece, and three-week mini-terms in India, Russia, South Africa, Spain and Thailand. The Civil Rights Mini-Term is a study-tour of key historic sites in the U.S. South, including Atlanta, Charleston, Birmingham and Selma.