• Ann Fleming Brown

    Ann Fleming Brown

    Title: Director of Admissions
    Phone: (518) 388-6112
    Email: browna@union.edu
    Regions: Connecticut, New York City
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  • Vernon Castillo

    Vernon Castillo

    Title: Senior Associate Dean of Admissions/Director of Transfer Admissions
    Phone: (518) 388-6112
    Email: castillv@union.edu
    Regions: Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Vermont, Western Massachusetts, Latin America
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  • Deanna Cox '10

    Deanna Cox '10

    Title: Assistant Dean of Admissions
    Phone: (518) 388-6112
    Email: coxd@union.edu
    Regions: Connecticut, Eastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Caribbean
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  • Katherine DeSieno

    Katherine DeSieno

    Title: Senior Assistant Dean of Admissions
    Email: desienok@union.edu
    Regions: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin
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  • Susie Hanks

    Susie Hanks

    Title: Senior Associate Dean of Admissions
    Phone: (518) 388-6112
    Email: hankss@union.edu
    Regions: Capital Region of New York, Delaware, Maryland, Eastern Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Utah
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  • Matthew Malatesta '91

    Matthew Malatesta '91

    Title: Vice President for Admissions, Financial Aid and Enrollment
    Phone: (518) 388-6112
    Email: malatesm@union.edu
    Regions: Ohio, Philadelphia
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  • Jaclyn Mandart '12

    Jaclyn Mandart '12

    Title: Assistant Dean of Admissions
    Phone: (518) 388-6112
    Email: mandartj@union.edu
    Regions: Colorado, Idaho, Long Island (NY), Montana, Oklahoma, Texas, Western New York, Wyoming
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  • Abbey Massoud-Tastor '07

    Abbey Massoud-Tastor '07

    Title: Senior Assistant Dean of Admissions/Director of Alumni Admissions
    Phone: (518) 388-6112
    Email: massouda@union.edu
    Regions: Mid-Hudson/Putnam/Rockland/Westchester New York, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington DC, Canada
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  • Aaron Ray '10

    Aaron Ray '10

    Title: Assistant Dean of Admissions/Coordinator of Multicultural Recruitment
    Phone: (518) 388-6112
    Email: raya@union.edu
    Regions: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, New York City, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, West Virginia
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  • Lilia Tiemann

    Lilia Tiemann

    Title: Coordinator of Admissions Events
    Phone: (518) 388-6112
    Email: tiemannl@union.edu
    Regions: Northern Tier of New York
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  • Mary Karen Vellines

    Mary Karen Vellines

    Title: Coordinator of International Admissions
    Phone: (704) 280-1020
    Email: vellinem@union.edu
    Regions: Africa, Europe, India, the Middle East, Asia/Oceania

  • Andrea Zaremba Diamond '96

    Andrea Zaremba Diamond '96

    Title: Assistant Dean of Admissions - West Coast Recruiter
    Email: zarembaa@union.edu
    Regions: Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington
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