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Featured Stories:
  • AOP/HEOP Programs Enable Success in Many Fields, Like Medicine
    If it weren't for one Union program, Kenia Valdez ’12 would not be where she is today—at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry.
  • Stalled Gender Revolution Progressing Again
    First, society decried the working woman; she belonged with her children. Then it rallied behind her in a nearly epic gender revolution to support her climb up the corporate ladder. Then the momentum ebbed, with more people again favoring traditional female homemaker roles.
  • Improving Our Conversations with Computers
    It’s beyond annoying when that automated customer service voice doesn’t understand what you’re saying, right? Or when Siri just can’t seem to get that you’re asking “her” to call Joe, not Moe.
  • Why U Give: Donor Profiles
    Our inaugural group consists of Larry Hollander, dean of engineering emeritus and longtime scholarship donor, Linda Klein '80, an Atlanta-based attorney who has held senior positions in the American Bar Association, and Dr. Arnold Goldschlager '59.
  • A Surgeon with a Penchant for Economics
    Dr. Martin Schulman ’54 isn’t a financial expert, but his ideas on social security are getting nods from some distinguished people who are.
  • A Career Built On, and By, Entrepreneurship
    Jennifer (Sconyers ’85) Lawton is an entrepreneurship aficionado—starting or guiding new ventures is just about her favorite thing. Recently appointed CEO of MakerBot, a forerunner in reliable 3D printing, scanning and entertainment, she’s made a career of establishing and growing a variety of companies.
  • Business is Booming for Votto Vines
    In 2009, Votto Vines Importing began selling wine—just 1,000 cases in Connecticut—out of the back of a Subaru wagon. Today the business, co-founded by cousins Michael ’00 and Stephen Votto ’08, is on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing private companies in America.
  • Supporting Entrepreneurs in Africa
    After Mary Olushoga ’06 graduated, her father said, “Everything about you has changed.” And she, who won myriad awards at Union and was part of everything from UNITAS to founding the Heavenly Voices Gospel Choir, responded, “Of course, that’s why I chose Union.”
  • Union's Winningest Philomathean Team
    In March 1952, the Philomathean team won the Brooklyn College invitational debate tournament—the only major competition of its kind won by Union. At the time, it was the closest thing to a national title for intercollegiate debating. In fact, research suggests the victory over 53 participating colleges was the biggest debate win in Union’s history.