Modern Languages and Literatures

Major, Minor

Degree: Bachelor of Arts

Union College pioneered the study of modern languages 200 years ago, when other American colleges and universities offered only the ancient languages of Greek, Latin and Hebrew. Today, Union continues to lead the way in this tradition.

We are acutely aware that students’ need for a global, multicultural education is greater than ever in our interdependent contemporary society.

Union teaches language courses both in the original language and in translation. There are full programs leading to a major in Chinese, French, German and Spanish, as well as interdepartmental majors in Russian and Japanese.

We offer a year of Hebrew; a year of Arabic; a course in Italian for students preparing for the Sicily term abroad every other spring term; a course in Portuguese for those preparing for the Brazil term; and a course in Swahili for the term abroad in Tanzania every other year.

As modern languages and literatures student, you can easily combine a language major or minor with any discipline. You can live in a language-oriented theme house on campus, and participate in language clubs and language tables.

Our extensive library collection and state-of-the-art language laboratory further support your work.

And you can explore the world and its languages through many term abroad programs, from Argentina to France to Vietnam.

At Union, your study of languages will be an academic journey – deeply personal, unusually exciting, always challenging – that will stay with you for a lifetime.