What inspires you?

Undergraduate Research

Hands-on, faculty-mentored undergraduate research is at the heart of a Union education.

Union supports undergraduate research in big ways.

In addition to state-of-the-art labs and sophisticated instrumentation, as well as grants to support student presentations at prestigious conferences, our faculty offer personal guidance to help students launch their research dreams.

Roughly 80 percent of students conduct original research through the Sophomore Research Seminar, Senior Thesis or Capstone Project.

Research happens every day in our laboratories, of course, but you're just as likely to be conducting research projects in the darkroom, the dance studio, a local stream or a village across the globe.

  • You will work side-by-side with professors in impressive facilities, including the Integrated Science and Engineering Complex; aerogel, digital arts and rooftop energy labs; the Feigenbaum Center for Visual Arts; and the Henle Dance Pavilion.
  • You will have access to top-of-the-line scientific instruments.
  • You will experience firsthand the processes of scholarly exploration and discovery.
  • You will learn how to conduct original research through the Sophomore Research Seminar.
  • You may also co-author papers with faculty and present at national conferences.
  • You will be well prepared for graduate school and today's competitive job market.

The Steinmetz Symposium

During the annual Steinmetz Symposium in May, more than 500 students show off their work and creativity before faculty, family and friends. This event includes oral and poster presentations, art exhibits, a film festival, music and dance concerts, and STEM demonstrations. This all-campus research showcase has been a staple of the Union curriculum since 1991.


Create/investigate in top-notch facilities that rival professional and graduate-level resources, including visual and performing arts studios and science and engineering labs.