Life after Union

A path to the future

Trust us, the next four years will fly by, and the day will come when you find yourself knocking on the door of that infamous "real world." And when it does, you'll be glad to have a Union education to back you up.

It's the same education that has produced 14 governors, 90 college presidents, a Supreme Court justice and a U.S. president. It's given us a Nobel Prize winner, a world-class cardiothoracic surgeon, an Olympic gold medalist, an Academy Award winner and many leaders in industry. These and hundreds of other accomplished alumni are ready to help open doors for Union grads through our career network.

Top career fields of recent graduates

Top career field of recent graduates: Business/finance, engineering, healthcare, communications, law, research, education, biotechnology

Within six months of graduating, 97% of alumni are employed full-time, in graduate or professional school, or pursuing a post-graduate fellowship or public service opportunity.

Find a field that fits

 Joanna Stern '06

Declare a major (or two). Get hands-on experience in an internship. Prepare for your career while developing the versatility to embrace change within your field— or another career path entirely.

The Power of Union