Extraordinary ways to shape your future

Academic programs

A Union education encourages students to explore the creative spaces where ideas intersect and new solutions merge, and it lets them apply those ideas in practical settings. Drawing connections among the arts, engineering, humanities, science and social sciences, and applying those connections to problem-solving is where our students truly excel.

Students may also combine courses from two different academic departments into a single Interdepartmental (ID) major.

* = Not offered as a major | ** = Not offered as a minor | *** = Interdepartmental major only

No matter what field you’re interested in, you can combine majors, internships and more to put you on a strong path toward your career goals. Explore some options here.

If you want a college experience where you will...

  • engage in small classes with students eager to learn and talented professor who are passionate about what they teach
  • explore interests in and across arts, engineering, humanities, sciences and social sciences through 58 majors and minors
  • succeed with the support of faculty advisers, class deans and other mentors every step of the way, from orientation to graduation
  • create/investigate in top-notch facilities that rival professional and graduate-level resources, including visual and performing arts studios and science and engineering labs
  • immerse yourself in learning beyond the classroom through research with faculty; international programs; and community-based, field and clinical experiences
  • gain real-word experience in internships which, combined with the depth of your Union education, will make you the candidate to hire after graduation

...then Union is the place for you.