Leadership in Medicine

Leadership in Medicine

The Leadership in Medicine (LIM) Program is a direct-entry program that includes guaranteed admission to Albany Medical College—provided students meet Union College requirements for academic performance and extra-curricular involvement. LIM also includes guaranteed admission to Clarkson University-Capital Region Campus for a master’s degree in healthcare management.

That’s what makes LIM unique. Incoming first-year students who are accepted to LIM earn three degrees in eight years: a B.S. from Union College, an M.S. or M.B.A. in Healthcare Management from Clarkson University-Capital Region Campus and an M.D. from Albany Medical College.

This combination of degrees equips LIM students with an invaluable understanding of the business of healthcare. As healthcare spending continues to rise—up to 18 percent of U.S. GDP in 2020 from 13 percent in 1995—physician leaders will face increased pressure to manage costs while keeping pace with technological advances and ever-evolving policy. LIM graduates will be poised to address these challenges and play a leadership role in transforming healthcare delivery.

LIM Advantages:

  • Three degrees in eight years. LIM is the only direct-entry medical school program to include a master’s in healthcare management.
  • No MCAT required. Admission to Albany Medical College is automatic provided students meet academic and extra-curricular requirements.
  • LIM students can focus on their college experience, not the medical school application process. Because they are automatically admitted to Albany Medical College, LIM students enjoy their last year of college without the burden of medical school applications and interviews.
  • Unique interdisciplinary (ID) bachelor’s degree. As undergraduates, LIM students pursue both a science/math major and social science/humanities major. These ID options allow LIM students to explore areas beyond the core sciences.
  • Extraordinary value: Master’s (M.S.) degree at no additional cost. For LIM students, the Union College undergraduate tuition includes the master’s degree courses. That means M.S. in Healthcare Management students pay no extra tuition for their master’s degree. For the 16-course M.B.A. in Healthcare Management program, LIM students pay for just four classes beyond the undergraduate tuition.
  • Rewarding peer relationships. The LIM program admits a cohort of approximately 15 students a year to help ensure a high degree of student-to-student support.
  • A variety of study-abroad options, for both full and mini-terms.
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Leadership in Medicine

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