Leadership in Medicine

Program Overview


Students admitted into this eight-year Leadership in Medicine Program spend four years at Union, where they complete undergraduate and graduate courses. The curriculum at Union stresses thorough preparation in the sciences, humanities, and social sciences. When combined with course work in healthcare management at Clarkson University (Capital Region Campus), students are provided with a breadth of knowledge and understanding not typically found in premedical programs.

The undergraduate portion of the LIM program includes an Interdisciplinary (ID) major, which means the bachelor’s degree is a combination of two academic disciplines. All students will choose an ID major in the Humanities or Social Sciences. Each department establishes the criteria for its ID major. Please consult the Academic Register for complete information. There are many options in Humanities and Social Science majors. Some examples include: economics, English, history, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, modern languages, philosophy, theater, arts, music, and political science.

The LIM curriculum includes a minimum of:

  • 16 or 17 Math/Science courses depending on placement in Chemistry and Math
  • 15 Humanities/Social Sciences courses (two courses "cross count" as both undergraduate and graduate credit)
  • 10 additional graduate courses for the MS or 14 graduate courses for the MBA

The graduate portion of the LIM program requires 12 courses at Clarkson University - Capital Region Campus to earn an M.S. degree in Healthcare Management. Two courses "cross count" as both undergraduate and graduate credit. Students who opt for the MBA in Healthcare Management take an additional four courses beyond the MS. The undergraduate and graduate degrees are completed within four years, before the student starts medical school.

Program Curricular Requirements (Advising Worksheet), complete listing of course requirements

Sample Schedule

See Leadership in Medicine FAQs for additional information.