Leadership in Medicine

Admissions and Requirements

The most important credential for admission to the Leadership in Medicine Program at Union is academic excellence. The admissions committee considers only those applicants who have taken the toughest courses and received the best grades. Applicants are required to have completed courses in biology and chemistry, and it is preferred that applicants have also completed high school physics. From high schools which rank their students, ranks in the top ten percent are expected.

Applicants for the Eight-Year Leadership in Medicine Program are required to complete and submit SAT or ACT scores. Testing requirements for the Leadership in Medicine Program are a combined SAT score above 1410 or a combined ACT score at or above 30.

In applying to the Leadership in Medicine Program, a student is committing to a career in medicine. It is important to the admissions committees at both Union and Albany Medical College that applicants have clinical or volunteer service in medicine and an interest in and knowledge of healthcare management. The more you know and are able to discuss the intersection of medicine and business, the better.

Please visit the Union College Admissions page for additional information.

Both need-based financial aid and merit based aid are available at Union. Please go to the financial aid website for more information.