F.W. Olin Center

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Reach for the stars – and the earth

Union Observatory, which features a range of sophisticated equipment for research projects in observational and radio astronomy. In recent years, student research on asteroids and exploding stars has been published in noted astronomy papers and journals. And while the observatory is a laboratory for astronomy and physics classes, it also offers stargazing opportunities for the local community to see planets, star clusters and nebulas on designated public viewing days.

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    The Olin building is also home to the Geosciences Department, where students have access to high-tech laboratory instrumentation in their coursework and in independent, faculty-supervised research projects. You'll have many opportunities to collaborate with your peers and professors, make scientific discoveries, and also gain valuable experience in emerging fields that cross disciplines.

    In addition to these high-tech labs and classrooms, Olin houses two offices that are deeply supportive of students’ academic paths: the Office of Health Professions and the Academic Opportunity Program. At Union, every student’s success is prioritized.

A student looking through the observatory telescope.
Professor Kristina Striegnitz gestures while teaching a computer science class.
Geology Professor John Garver in one of the geoscience labs with a student.
 A glimpse of the Olin Rotunda captured from the second floor perspective.
 A professor gesturing at a computer monitor while teaching a class, observed from outside through a glass window.