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A letter from the Vice President of Admissions and Financial Aid

Dear school counselors:

Matthew Malatesta '91, Vice President for Admissions,. Financial Aid and Enrollment

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Union College. We hope this website provides you with helpful statistics about our most recent admissions year to help with your counseling and some general information about Union. One afternoon this summer, I was speaking with a parent on the front porch of Grant Hall about his daughter’s college search. I heard, and not for the first time, “Colleges all say the same things” during information sessions and tours. This is frustrating to me, as well! Union is naturally proud of its commitment to international programs and undergraduate research. Other colleges have them, too. Our tipping point is that the majority of our students have these opportunities, and they are hallmarks of the Union experience.

I encourage students to “look under the hood and check the tires” when considering colleges. See if the opportunities described are the exception, the norm or the promise of the college experience.

As always, thanks for taking the time to read my correspondence, emailing feedback and sharing the Union story with your students who may be a good match for us.