Leadership in Medicine

Comparison of M.S. and MBA Curricula

The Leadership in Medicine (LIM) program is the only direct-entry medical school program to include a master’s in healthcare management. Students have the option of completing an M.S. in Healthcare Management or an M.B.A in Healthcare Management. The only difference between the two options is the number of required courses and the cost.

Union College undergraduate tuition includes the twelve master’s degree courses required for the M.S. in Healthcare Management. The M.B.A requires an additional four courses beyond the M.S. for a total of sixteen courses. Regardless of when the additional courses are taken, M.B.A candidates pay tuition for the additional four courses directly to Clarkson University in spring of senior year.

Students declare their master's degree choice by end of sophomore year. The B.S. and master's degree are completed in four academic years with at least one summer of study. All LIM students are on campus (in Schenectady) the summer after junior year: taking two graduate courses and one undergraduate science course.

Clarkson University offers several of the required graduate courses over the summer in an online format. Students who pursue the M.B.A. often schedule summer online graduate courses after freshmen and sophomore years.

Twelve courses required for either the M.S. or M.B.A.

  • HC 630 Introduction to Health Systems (cross counts as an undergraduate course)
  • HC 633 Health Care Leadership (cross counts as an undergraduate course)
  • AC 604 Financial & Managerial Accounting for Decision Making
  • HC 605 Health Operations Management
  • HC 617 Health Care Finance
  • HC 620 Economics of Health
  • HC 637 Clinical Leadership Practicum
  • HC 650 Structural Dynamics of Healthcare
  • HC 651 Health Systems Management
  • HC 656 Group Practice Management
  • HC 674 Legal Aspects of Health Care
  • HC 681 Health Leadership Capstone

Four additional courses required for the M.B.A only

  • IS 647 Statistical Methods for Data Analytics
  • HC 626 Health Systems Marketing
  • HC 648 Health Informatics
  • HC 680 Health Policy & Managerial Epidemiology