Majors & Minors

Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies

Major, Minor

Degree: Bachelor of Arts

Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies is an interdisciplinary program rich with opportunities for research and critical analysis. It examines and challenges assumptions and constructs about gender that affect people's lives around the globe.

A central goal of the program is to help students become aware of unexamined assumptions and stereotypes about sexual and gender differences, and how they shape human organizations and institutions. Many courses also introduce students to differences of class, race, ethnic and sexual orientation in a range of societies.

Other learning opportunities

To develop students' knowledge of and ability to analyze organizations that deal with gender and women's issues, a one-term internship at a designated organization is recommended. Students have interned with local social services, law and media centers, childcare centers, gay and lesbian groups, women's advocacy groups and healthcare providers.

Students gain a global perspective of this academic discipline through several international programs, including a three-week mini-term focused on social movements in Argentina, which features meetings with women's activists and political leaders. A term abroad in São Paulo, Brazil, explores women, environment and social change.