Scholars Program

Scholars Program

The Union College Scholars Program is a rigorous academic program offered to a select group of outstanding incoming students. Scholars are selected at the time of admission and given the opportunity to pursue an accelerated and challenging curriculum structure.

The Scholars Program encourages students to:

  • accelerate their academic careers by engaging new opportunities for research and experiential learning;
  • tailor their learning experiences to their academic and professional goals and interests;
  • approach problem solving from creative and interdisciplinary perspectives.

Our Philosophy

The Scholars Program prepares Scholars for challenging opportunities, both inside and outside of Union. The program values critical and independent thinking and encourages Scholars to recognize themselves as authors of their academic success.

Our Mission

The Scholars Program recruits a dynamic cohort of students to Union College each year, and seeks to retain them in the program. Upon graduation, Scholars will be able to articulate their personal and professional goals and identify and pursue opportunities for intellectual growth.