Scholars Program

Scholars Program

At Union College, we offer all of our students an excellent, well-rounded liberal arts education. Additionally, the Union College Scholars Program is a rigorous academic program offered to a select group of outstanding incoming students. Scholars are selected at the time of admission and given the opportunity to pursue an accelerated and challenging curriculum structure. Scholars are fully integrated into college life, often serving as mentors and tutors to their peers.

Our philosophy

The basic goals of the Scholars Program are to prepare the Scholars for challenging opportunities, both inside and outside Union. Our philosophy is to lay the groundwork and provide the support for each Scholar to springboard to his or her greatest potential.

Our mission

The Scholars Program recruits the best students to Union College, and retains them in the Scholars Program. By the end of their years at Union, Scholars should be able to identify opportunities for intellectual growth, articulate their personal goals, and select opportunities that will help them achieve those goals.

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