Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Programs

The mission of the Interdisciplinary Studies programs at Union College is to provide curricular blueprints to actively and constructively engage students in rigorous, hands-on experiences so that they master different methodologies in an integrated way. These blueprints further seek to provide ways of complimentary thinking across the disciplines, leading toward holistic understandings of how to bridge scientific, empirical, theoretical, and humanistic areas of study to answer important questions. Students are specifically expected to develop the abilities to: evaluate and deploy the validity of a variety of sources; become aware of unexamined assumptions; to think critically, complexly, logically and ethically; to make and defend an argument verbally and in writing that is based on evidence. These programs strive to produce creative, active thinkers, that are equipped with interdisciplinary perspectives and the necessary professional skills to engage in a wide range of careers in a shared world. An important corollary to the curricular programs is that they empower and are empowered by new kinds of faculty and undergraduate research that build connections that transcend traditional academic boundaries.

Interdisciplinary Degree Programs

Vibrant interdisciplinary studies (IS) can be pursued through a variety of designated degree programs at Union College. Students are able to major and/or minor in our many Interdisciplinary Studies Programs (ISP) in wide-ranging topics from Film Studies to Neuroscience. In addition to the formal interdisciplinary studies programs, students may complete an Interdepartmental major (ID), which typically involves taking a reduced number of courses from the full major within two Departments or Programs. Please consult the specific departmental and program listings for details on creating a combined ID major. If students have a specific interdisciplinary interest that is not covered by any of these options, they are also able to create an Organizing Theme major (OT) of their own design, drawing from multiple departments and programs. Finally, Union College partners with several other institutions to offer accelerated dual-degree programs in engineering, business, law, education, Latin American Studies, and medicine.


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