Major, Minor

Degree: Bachelor of Arts

The Department of Economics is dedicated to promoting an understanding of the economic aspects of society and to cultivating in each student the ability to reason about economic issues – to provide a basis for intelligent, responsible participation in contemporary society.

The economics major consists of 10 economics classes with accompanying course work in mathematics. Classes emphasize the connection between economic models and real market applications, helping students hone their analytical, critical thinking, research, quantitative and writing skills.

There are three ways to major in economics at Union: the economics major, the standard path of study; managerial economics, for those planning careers in management; and the interdisciplinary major, which combines economics with any other major. Each path requires introductory economics, intermediate microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics and elective courses.

Beyond their classroom studies, students intern with economic agencies, New York State government commissions and private firms, applying their skills to practical problems in economic analysis. Many students in the service-learning class, Income Tax Policy and Practice, help local families prepare their tax returns free of charge through Union’s award-winning Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program.