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History comes alive at Union College. More than just a survey of data over the ages, our courses and seminars emphasize ideas and institutions across the globe and the continuum of time.

As a history major at Union, you will gain an appreciation of the past and an understanding of the social, cultural and institutional developments that have shaped our world.

You will be introduced to historical methodology and the fundamentals of historical research and writing so you may imagine other cultures and eras, reflect on and comprehend human struggles, and become adept at assessing evidence and weighing conflicting interpretations of history.

Above all, you will learn to think critically, write persuasively, and analyze and solve problems – solid foundations for becoming a thoughtful, engaged, well-rounded citizen.

Careers after Union

History career paths

Graphic: career paths of Union History majors

Here is what some alumni have been up to:

  • Attorney, California Supreme Court
  • History teacher, Waltham Public Schools
  • Physician, Albany Family Medicine
  • Reporter, Long Beach Herald
  • Captain, U. S. Marine Corps
  • History professor, Russell Sage College
  • Client Services Associate, Christie's, New York
  • Assistant Editor of Photography, Forbes