Job Title
Professor of Sociology
Professor of Sociology Melinda Goldner
Office Location
Ph.D., Ohio State University
Special Interests
Medical sociology, public health, social movements, race, class, gender

Professor Goldner’s research areas include health care issues and health social movements.  Her current focus is on health care consumerism and online health searching; however, she also studies the complementary and alternative medicine movement and the development of integrative medicine that incorporates both Western and alternative medicines.  She has had articles published in a variety of journals, such as Sociology of Health & Illness, Information, Communication and Society, Research in the Sociology of Health Care and Research in Social Movements, Conflicts, and Change.  She also serves as Assistant Book Review Editor for Complementary Health Practice Review, a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal.  She teaches courses on medical sociology, public health care policy, health care systems, social movements, sociological theory, and gender.