Physics and Astronomy Department
Rebecca Koopmann, professor, Physics and Astronomy

Rebecca A. Koopmann

Job Title
R. Gordon Gould Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Science & Engineering N318B/N332
Department/Program: Physics and Astronomy

Research interests

My research seeks to understand the physical parameters and processes that most influence the evolution of galaxies. I examine the gas and star formation properties of nearby galaxies, focusing particularly on galaxies in groups and clusters where evolution is likely to be accelerated by environmental effects.


I am a member of the ALFALFA Team, led by Riccardo Giovanelli and Martha Haynes at Cornell University. The ALFALFA (Arecibo Legacy Fast ALFA) project uses the Arecibo Observatory 305-m telescope near Arecibo, Puerto Rico, to search for emission from neutral hydrogen (HI) in galaxies.

I am the leader of the NSF - funded Undergraduate ALFALFA Team, a consortium of 24 institutions participating in ALFALFA research. The program includes an Annual Undergraduate ALFALFA Workshop Check out the webpage of the 2019 Green Bank Workshop.

Academic Credentials

B.S., Union College; M.S., Yale University; Ph.D., Yale University