Admissions Office
Sophie Rosen '19

Sophie Rosen '19

Job Title
Admissions Interviewer
Department/Program: Admissions

Why did you choose Union: Throughout my college process, I was absolutely set on going to a biiiiiig university. However, when I visited Union, I immediately fell in love with the small school atmosphere. The admissions office looks like a little house, and the students looked genuinely happy. Also, it was hailing when I visited, so if I still liked it after that tour experience I knew it was meant to be.

Major: Psychology

Minor: Visual Arts

Hometown: Westport, Conn.

Study Abroad: Florence, Italy (spring of my junior year) which I can easily say was one of the greatest experiences. My stomach misses the endless pasta and gelato, but it’s nice to be back at the U!

Internships: Starting the summer after my first year, I’ve had a number of internships in the marketing and advertising fields. My favorite was definitely this past summer when I worked for McCANN in New York City (and got to live with Gillian Singer, another senior intern)! Their objective of helping brands play a meaningful role in people’s lives and the experience as a whole really showed me my passion for the industry.

Favorite professors: This is a toughie, but I think I have to go with Professor Benjamin, the photography professor. However, other favorites include Ken DeBono and Catherine Walker, both in the psychology department.

Favorite class: “Introduction to Psychology” was the first class that really showed me my love for the subject and made me want to major in it! Ken DeBono was my professor and his dedication to the subject and his students really made the difference.

Favorite activity: I’m a leader for the Community Pre-Orientation Experience program and it is easily the best few days of my school year!

Favorite place on campus: This is oddly specific, but I love the view of the Nott from Library Lane. Nothing is better than this view in the fall. Another favorite is the photo studio. Whenever school gets stressful you can find me there photoshopping for hours!

Favorite local restaurant: Raw – smoothie bowls galore

Favorite food on campus: West breakfast. Hands down.