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The Common Curriculum

Steve Jobs once told the New York Times that ‘the Macintosh turned out so well because the people working on it were musicians, artists, poets and historians who also happened to be excellent computer scientists.’ He may not have known it, but Jobs pinpointed a critical truth about a Liberal Arts education. It too draws people who are restless to learn, uncomfortable with narrow boundaries, ready to join together to do away with ignorance and discover the unknown.

The Common Curriculum embodies Union’s commitment to build intellectual foundations, explore the Liberal Arts, and create dynamic connections across boundaries as you discover new interests and contribute to humanity. The courses in the Common Curriculum create the essential foundation of a Union education in the Liberal Arts. Through them you begin to find the creative intersections of ideas that contribute to society and touch lives.

Courses that build intellectual foundations:

FIRST-YEAR PRECEPTORIAL engages you in the exploration of ideas and diverse perspectives through critical reading, thinking, and writing.

SOPHOMORE RESEARCH SEMINAR ensures you have an early hands-on experience thinking and working as an academic researcher.

LITERATURE expands the moral imagination needed to understand yourself and your fellow human beings through literary analysis, interpretation, and reflection.

NATURAL SCIENCE with LAB changes the way you think about the natural world when you understand the scientific method and put it to work.

QUANTITATIVE AND MATHEMATICAL REASONING equips you with unique insights and skills necessary to solve complex problems.

Courses that explore the liberal arts:

ARTS and HUMANITIES enable you to find yourself and your voice in creative expression and the exploration of works of the imagination.

SOCIAL SCIENCES confront you with the complexity and challenges of our world by analyzing the societies we create.

SCIENCE, ENGINEERING, and TECHNOLOGY introduces you to Union’s unique commitment to teaching Science and Engineering as Liberal Arts and examining their impact on our humanity.

Courses that create connections across boundaries:

LANGUAGES AND CULTURES empowers you as citizens of a global community to contribute across cultural boundaries and shape our shared future.

WRITING ACROSS THE CURRICULUM courses encourage you to explore and create your own understanding of the liberal arts through your writing.