Specifically Schenectady

"There are so many things to do in Schenectady, and the community is very welcoming and friendly"
— Alexis Nikitas '23

President Harris tours Schenectady on bike.
Photo shows various scenes in downtown Schenectady including a view of the Jay Street sign

Walkable and wonderful

It comes from the Mohawk word for "near the pines" and refers to the pine plains between Albany and the Mohawk River.

It's a great place to go to college.

Bikes, hikes and parks.

Make your way by foot, bicycle or skateboard along the nearby Mohawk River on a 97-mile-long bike-hike trail. Stroll through our city’s own Central Park and its famous Rose Garden.

Just for foodies.

There are some 40 restaurants within a 2-mile radius of campus, from Moroccan to Mexican, sandwiches to sushi. Have a latte along a cobblestone pedestrian walkway, or find your sweet spot at one of many family-owned Italian bakeries.

The shows go on.

Proctors, Bow Tie Cinemas, Schenectady Civic Theater, Schenectady Light Opera, Mopco Improv - discover a hit parade of theaters and venues. See a touring Broadway blockbuster or a homegrown revue.

Historic and modern.

From the 300-year-old Stockade neighborhood to gleaming Mohawk Harbor, amazing history sits side by side with new eateries, businesses and co-working spaces.

Sunday Greenmarket.

This year-round farmers market is among the best in the region. Shop/eat local and see friends, faculty, and President Harris and his family.

Community connections.

Get involved in community-building projects at local schools, arts centers, youth programs, rehab centers and more.

It's electric.

Schenectady is home to GE and other early innovators. Today, many industries and businesses thrive here, and more than 40 local companies welcome Union students as interns.