Charting Union's course


Union College is led by President David Harris, a sociologist by training with a distinguished record as a scholar, teacher and administrator. President Harris began his tenure in July 2018, and along with the Board of Trustees, oversees the direction of the college. They carefully plan for Union's future while stewarding and enhancing its present resources. President Harris has the support and commitment of a distinguished faculty body and experienced deans who drive the rigorous academic programs for which Union is known. Together, the administration, trustees, faculty and staff have guided and strengthened an innovative, diverse, service-oriented college built on a foundation of academic excellence and a dedication to helping students realize their passions and reach their potential.

Board of Trustees

The Trustees of Union College,” as a corporate body, has owned the College and been the College’s designated legal representative throughout its history. The Board consists of four life trustees, 21 term trustees, four alumni trustees, two faculty trustees, two student trustees and the president of the College. The governor of the state of New York is also an ex officio member. The Board meets three times annually: in February, May and October. The Board appoints the president of the College upon the vacancy of the position; it may also appoint an interim president should the need arise.

Senior administration

The senior administration of Union College consists of President Harris; vice-presidents for student affairs, college relations, academic affairs, communications, administration and finance, and admissions, financial aid and enrollment; chief of staff, and deans and directors of subsidiary departments, including the academic departments, interdisciplinary studies, engineering, advising, health professions, information technology services, athletics and the library.

Student Forum

The Student Forum represents the principal form of student government at Union College. The purpose of the Student Forum is to consider issues and to review, recommend, or formulate policies (as appropriate) in areas involving the student body. In many ways, the structure of student government at Union College deliberately mirrors the structure of College government. The student body is represented by a president, vice-president of administration, vice-president of finance, vice-president of academics, vice-president of campus life and vice-president for multicultural affairs. The entire Student Forum includes these officers together with two student trustees and 12 class representatives.