Lamont House

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This stately building is home to the Religious Studies program and the departments of Anthropology, Classics and Philosophy, among the bastions of a liberal arts education. At Union, you'll explore these vital subjects in fascinating depth and breadth through intellectually challenging coursework, literature, research projects, terms abroad and other experiences.

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    For many students, the first floor library is a great space for quiet study and contemplation. And there’s no question that the Lamont porch is perfect for joining your professors or classmates to discuss your coursework – or life's big questions – in the comfy Adirondack chairs.

    Factoid: Dating to 1910, Lamont House has served as fraternity house; an infirmary and a civilian residence during the First and Second World Wars, respectively; and a graduate institute.

Student Luis Mota viewing his laptop while sitting at one of the landings of a Lamont House staircase.
Student Shammen Azer studying in the Lamont House conference room.
Anthropology professor Jeffrey Witsoe chats with a student in one of the offices in Lamont House.
Meghan Reilly '20 siting in a rocker on the Lamont House porch.
Three classical busts are positioned on a windowsill in Lamont House.