Lippman Hall

Home to the social sciences

No matter what your major, you’ll likely spend time in Lippman Hall, home to four departments in the social sciences: Economics, History, Political Science and Sociology. In this space, you’ll learn to think critically, write eloquently, analyze and solve problems, and question the very essence of our societies. As one alumna muses: “Lippman Hall has a unique personality that reflects the intellectual pursuits of its students and faculty; its openness and warmth speak to the interdisciplinary nature of the social sciences.” The building features seven modern classrooms, an airy and open entryway, a first-floor study room, two seminar rooms specifically designed for presentations, and spaces to have long relaxed discussions with your professors.
Melinda Goldner meeting with a student in Lippman Hall.
Economics professor Thomas Dvorak speaks with a student outside of Lippman Hall.
Melinda Goldner meeting with a student in Lippman Hall.
Political Science professor Bradly Hayes gestures toward a screen while teaching a class.
An attentive student listening to an economics lecture in one of the Lippman Hall classrooms.