Lippman Hall

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Home to the social sciences

No matter what your ma.jor, you’ll likely spend time in Lippman Hall, home to four departments in the social sciences. In this space, you’ll learn to think critically, write eloquently, analyze and solve problems, and question the very essence of our societies.

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    As one alumna muses: “Lippman Hall has a unique personality that reflects the intellectual pursuits of its students and faculty; its openness and warmth speak to the interdisciplinary nature of the social sciences.” The building features seven modern classrooms, an airy and open entryway, a first-floor study room, two seminar rooms specifically designed for presentations, and spaces to have long relaxed discussions with your professors.

Melinda Goldner meeting with a student in Lippman Hall.
Economics professor Thomas Dvorak speaks with a student outside of Lippman Hall.
Melinda Goldner meeting with a student in Lippman Hall.
Political Science professor Bradly Hayes gestures toward a screen while teaching a class.
An attentive student listening to an economics lecture in one of the Lippman Hall classrooms.