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Managerial Economics

Managerial Economics

The managerial economics major focuses on the tools and techniques of financial and quantitative analysis essential to the modern manager.

As a managerial economics major at Union, you will study content that includes monetary theory, banking and financial systems, analysis of markets, pricing theory, wage and salary/incentive theory, and the theory of competition.

You will become well versed in applying econometrics and quantitative methods to the study of particular business enterprises and business problems.

Special learning opportunities

In addition to the standard intermediate economic theory courses, students must complete courses in managerial economics, financial analysis, accounting, computer science and mathematics, as well as an internship with a local organization.

"I never hesitate to reach out to faculty in the department with a question. With the relationships you form here, you find yourself feeling comfortable communicating with your professors no matter how many courses of theirs you took."
- Matthew Lewis

Majors are also encouraged to participate in a term abroad, as part an economics international exchange at the University of Antwerp, Belgium, or with the IESEG School of Management in Lille, France.  


The real-world focus of this major will prepare you well for a career in the business arena and for programs of advanced study. Our majors have found success in all aspects of business and industry, including consulting, analysis, financial services and entrepreneurism.

Meet some of our faculty

Tomas Dvorak

Tomas Dvorak

Ph.D., University of Maryland
Special interests: Design of retirement plans, business analytics

Younghwan Song

Younghwan Song

Ph.D., Columbia University
Special interests: Labor economics, poverty and welfare, health

Kaywana Raeburn

Kaywana Raeburn

Feigenbaum Assistant Professor of Behavioral Economics
Ph.D., McGill University
Special interests: Behavioral economics, experimental economics, development economics

Shelton Schmidt

Shelton Schmidt

Chauncey H. Winters Professor of Economics
Ph.D., University of Virginia
Special interests: Industrial organization, econometrics, efficiency measurement

After Union

Financial analyst, Public Service Commission

Energy trader, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Program manager, BRAC Human Rights and Legal Aid Service

Dean of Students, Monroe Woodbury H.S.

President, Gilfoy Distributing Co.

International trade analyst, Embassy Republic of Korea

Careers by field:

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