Africana Studies

Spring 2023 Courses

Africana Studies
Spring Term 2023 Courses

Art History

AAH-163: Latin American and Caribbean Art of the 19th and 20th Century
An examination of the major aspects of Latin American and Caribbean art from the early 19th through the 20th century. Emphasis is placed on integrating the social and political background of the various cultures with the key artists, artistic issues and movements of particular countries and periods. Topics to be covered include: the influence of the major art academies in Mexico, Brazil and Ecuador, the strong links between art and politics, indigeneity, woman as artist and subject, and the ongoing dialogue with the art of Europe and later the United States.


EGL-233: 18th-19th Century Literature of the African Diaspora
This introductory survey course will trace African American movement towards literary and aesthetic mastery beginning with what Henry Louis Gates calls “oral writing.” Readings begin with the first known written poems and progress from slave narratives and autobiography to essays and fiction. Authors include Phillis Wheatley, Harriet Jacobs, Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, Solomon Northup, Charles Chesnutt, W.E.B. Du Bois, among others.


HST-274: Social and Political Movements in Latin American History
This course examines the history of recent social movements in Latin America. We will explore a variety of issues including democracy, racism, class, gender and ethnic divisions, human rights, globalization and popular movements. Rather than viewing Latin America from a North American point of view, we will examine how Latin Americans see themselves and how their culture, economics, and politics have developed in different directions than other parts of the world, especially the United States and Europe. While social movements have at times erupted into full-fledged revolutionary upheavals, more often Latin American struggles have been ongoing, such as factory occupations, land seizures, and demonstrations for gender equality, workers’ rights, indigenous autonomy, protection of the environment, and students’ rights.


AMU-233: Global Hip Hop
Hip hop has grown from its late 1970s NYC roots to become a vehicle for self-expression around the globe. After introductory topics including the basics of music, an overview of the music industry, and the roots of hip hop, the course will examine case studies in global hip hop culture.

Political Science

PSC-339: Seminar: Political Theory
Selected topics in political theory. Content will vary from year to year. Preference to sophomore and junior political science majors.