The AOP/HEOP program at Union College is wholly committed to our students’ success. We provide students with a variety of resources to help them thrive both socially and academically throughout the course of their college education. Some of the resources AOP students are provided with include:

  • Bookstore Account. Students in good standing have all their required supplies for classes provided (notebooks, folders, pens, note cards, etc.) through the AOP office. All students receive a $1500 credit to their student account to contribute toward expenses for books for the academic year.
  • AOP Advising. In addition to their faculty advisor, our students also receive individualized AOP advising. Students meet with their AOP advisor frequently to go over courses and requirements for their major, make tutoring arrangements, plan for study abroad, and receive career and financial guidance.
  • Tutoring. Tutoring services are available for all AOP students. Drop-in tutoring is available four nights per week and assigned tutoring is available upon request.
  • Low Student Loans. Students in our program graduate with significantly reduced loan amounts compared to the average student.
  • Waived or Reduced Fees. AOP students can take advantage of a reduced enrollment fee, summer housing support for students doing research on campus or working in Schenectady, and support with study abroad fees.
  • Specialized Knowledge. AOP students participate in both a Professional Development Course and a Personal Finance Management Course.
  • Mentoring. All first-year students are paired with an upperclassmen through our AOP Mentoring Program to receive support in their first year.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at!