Accessibility Ambassadors

Union College's Accessibility Ambassadors are frequent content contributors with an interest in ensuring our content is accessible. These volunteers represent a cross-section of departments on campus, and they help answer questions and advocate for accessibility.

What do Accessibility Ambassadors do?

  • Coach others on different ways to make digital resources more accessible to people with health conditions or impairments.
  • Learn new techniques and tools to implement accessibility best practices.
  • Advocate for accessibility on campus.
  • Support the EIT Accessibility Committee (EITAC) by helping to answer questions.
  • Serve as a liaison to their department, program, and/or committees.

Become an Ambassador!

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"Being an Accessibility Ambassador provides me with the tools and knowledge to take meaningful steps toward making our written and visual content accessible to everyone, particularly to those with visual impairments who might have previously been excluded in some way from accessing that content. I think it's great that the concept of accessibility is becoming a normal part of doing business because it's so easy when you don't have any impairments of your own to forget that that is not the case for everyone. It's important that, to the best of our ability, we make sure that no one is excluded from accessing information."

Sara Garrand '97, MAT '00; Administrative Assistant for General Education & Interdisciplinary Studies and Accessibility Ambassador.