Environmental Science, Policy & Engineering Program

Environmental Science, Policy & Engineering Program

Understanding the environment and doing something about it.

The Environmental Science Policy and Engineering Program at Union (ESPE) provides a solid grounding in modern environmental issues, including science, technology, public policy and economics. It is designed for students with an interest in understanding and solving environmental problems, and the program provides students the opportunity to explore areas of environmental policy, environmental science, and environmental engineering. The program gives students an excellent foundation from which to enter such diverse fields as environmental science or environmental management in the public and private sectors, education, business, politics and law.

The curriculum

The ESPE Program is focused on students with a strong interest in the science behind the myriad environmental problems that face our world, the political policy mechanisms that may provide solutions to these issues, and the nexus between the environment and the human condition. Students in the ESPE program choose either a BS degree in Environmental Science or a BA degree in Environmental Policy.

Winter Seminar Series

The intersection of science and society is the focus of the annual Winter Seminar Series at Union College. For over a decade, the Environmental Science and Policy Program has hosted college-wide interdisciplinary colloquia series that address a host of issues from different perspectives. The program has received wide acclaim for this series that is designed to maximize interest across the campus and the community while highlighting current themes of wide interest.