Jane Doe

Jane Doe

Job Title
Associate Professor of Green
EXAMPLE ONLY Not an actual faculty member
Karp Hall 2002

Areas of expertise

English literatures, Icelandic theater, 19th century madrigals

Research interests

Contemporary Icelandic literature

Teaching interests

Rural myth making, Icelandic history, origins of the novel


“The Machinations of the Enigma,” Comparative North American Studies, (7)2, June 2009.

“‘Beneath the Mask’: the “Nature” of the Southern Poetry of Paul Enigma,” Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature, Studies and Lexicons, (16)3, Summer 2009.

“‘A Real Time Clock’: Disputed Identities in Roland Pincher’s 'Umbrella'” Modern Times (14)3, September 2012.

“Que Sera, Ser.” Amonia 215. (Rome) Winter 2005. 73-79. Translation Victoria Lorenzo.

Academic credentials

B.A., Union College; M.A., Washington University; Ph.D., The CUNY Graduate Center