Human Resources

Personal Information Protections and Responsibilities

In an effort to protect employees from the fraudulent use of personal information (identity theft), the College prohibits the following:

  • posting or displaying of an employee’s Social Security number.

  • filing of documents (including state agencies or state courts) that are available for public inspection that contain Social Security numbers.

  • visible printing of a Social Security number on any identification badge or card (including a time card).

  • placing of a Social Security number in files with open access.

  • communication of an employee’s “personal identifying information” (i.e. Social Security number, home address, home telephone number, personal email address, Internet identification name or password, last name prior to marriage and/or drivers license) to the general public.

  • encoding or embedding Social Security numbers in or on a card or document, such as through the use of a bar code, chip or magnetic strip, in lieu of removing the Social Security number.

  • requiring an employee to transmit his or her Social Security number over the internet unless the connection is secure or the Social Security number itself is encrypted.

  • requiring an employee to use their Social Security number for authentication purposes when accessing online services.

For the purposes of this policy, “Social Security number” shall mean the unique 9-digit number issued to citizens and residents of the United States by the federal Social Security Administration as well as any number derived from this number (e.g., the last four digits of an employee’s Social Security number). A knowing violation of these prohibitions carries with it a civil penalty of up to $500 and will result in appropriate disciplinary action. Victims of identity theft may receive information and assistance from the NYS Consumer Protection Board (CPB).