Yearly Calendars

2022 Yearly Calendar

Day(s) Description
Jan 17 Martin Luther King Day (Timesheet = Holiday)
May 30 Memorial Day (Timesheet = Holiday)
Jul 01 Discretionary Day (Timesheet = CTO code DD)
Jul 04 Independence Day (Timesheet = Holiday))
Sep 05 Labor Day (Timesheet = Holiday)
Nov 24 Thanksgiving Day (Timesheet = Holiday)
Nov 25 Thanksgiving Day (Timesheet = Holiday)
Dec 23 Christmas Day (Timesheet = Holiday)
Dec 26 - Dec 31 Winter Recess (Timesheet = CTO code W)
Employees whose roles require them to work on MLK, Memorial or Labor Day will be offered a banked holiday in lieu of any of these holidays which they need to work. Like with vacation days, these days off can be taken at a time approved by their supervisor or manager. The day should be recorded as 'holiday use banked'.