Modern Languages and Literatures

Language Center

We have moved! We are now located at Old Chapel 3rd Floor.

The Language Center is designed to meet the needs of students and faculty in Modern Languages and Literatures, but serves many others in the Union community.

Our friendly staff is here to help you with your specific language needs. Check our Language Assistants and Language Mentors‘ office hours for help with your assignments or simply to engage in great conversation. Walk-ins are available, however making an appointment is preferable (the link to the calendar to make an appointment is sent by your professor or stop by the Language Center).

If you are taking intermediate Spanish classes, Conversation Partners are available. You professor will forward the information to you at the beginning of each term (stop by the Language Center with questions).

We have headsets with microphone and audacity for voice recording made easy. Here you can type in many different languages on our PCs.

We host several events every term such as International Trivia, Around the Globe Karaoke, International Board Games Night. For the next upcoming event, consult the campus calendar.

Language Center staff

  • Language Assistants Winter 2023

    Language Assistants are native speakers. They are available to answer questions, practice conversation, give grammatical explanations and help with composition during their office hours IN PERSON in the Language Center. Ask your professor or email the Language Center Director ( for the link to the appointment calendar for your language.

    Chinese: Ting-Fang Wang (Katrina)
    Tuesday 11am-12pm and Thursday 1-2pm and 3-4pm

    French: Céline Neveu
    Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 6-7pm

    German: Justine Westphal
    Tuesday 2-3 pm, Thursday/Friday 11am-12pm

    Japanese: Mari Yamamoto
    Monday 4-5pm, Tuesday 3-5pm

    Russian: Aleksandra Koval
    Tuesday/Thursday 2-4pm

    Spanish: Angela Rodriguez
    Monday/Thursday 1-2pm

  • Language Mentors Winter 2023

    Language Mentors are available as an additional resource to practice speaking, help with studying, play games in the target language, answer simple questions etc. For help with complex grammar, composition and more advanced questions please see a Language Assistant.

    All Language Mentors are IN PERSON this term in the Language Center.

    Yixuan: Monday 4-6 pm and Wednesday 4-5pm
    Zihan: Wednesday 5-6 pm and 7-8pm

    Christelle: Tuesday 2-3pm, Thursday 1-3pm
    Claudia: Tuesday and Thursday 4-5pm, Friday 2-3pm

    German: Stephen
    Tuesday 4-6pm. Thursday 1-2pm

    Chi: Monday 6-7pm and Tuesday 6-8pm
    Fuka: Monday and Wednesday 5-6pm, Thursday 11am-12 pm

    Buzurg: Wednesday 1-3pm

    Sebastian: Tuesday 2-3pm and 5-6pm, Thursday 3-6pm
    Johanny: Wednesday/Thursday 6-7pm

  • Spanish Conversation Partners Winter 2023

    If you are taking an intermediate/advanced Spanish course, Conversation Partners are available to practice your conversational Spanish. Your professor will email you all the information regarding this program, including how to book an appointment. Our Conversation Partners are native and heritage speakers as well as advanced students of Spanish. They are available by appointment ONLY.

    Tuesday/Thursday 1-2pm
    Friday 10:30-11:30am

    Tuesday: 3-4pm & Thursday: 3-5pm

    Monday: 4-5pm & Tuesday: 2-3pm

    Tuesday 4-5pm, Wednesday: 6-8pm & Thursday: 6-7pm

    Tuesday: 5-6pm & Wednesday: 3-5pm

    Tuesday: 6-8pm

    Monday 3-4pm & Tuesday/Thursday 11-12am

    Wednesday 12-3pm & Thursday 7-8pm

    Monday/Wednesday: 5-6pm
    Thursday: 1-2pm

  • Center Consultants 2022-2023

    Senior Consultants: Sofia Fabres & Sebastian Santelices

    Consultants, Mentors and Conversation Partners: Amy Aranda, Mircy Cocoa Soriano, Bradley Garcia, Luka Iwaki, Fuka Kanesaka, Jennifer Lopez, Johanny Mendez, Buzurgmehri Muzaffar, Christelle Narcisse, Jennessa Sanchez, Claudia Sanz, Stephen Wong and Tianyuan Wu.

    Language Assistants: Westphal Justine, Aleksandra Koval, Céline Neveu, Angela Rodrigez, Mari Yamamoto, and Ting-Fang Wang.

Class/lab schedule Winter 2023

  • Monday

    9:15-10:20 FRN 100
    10:30-11:35 FYI
    11:45-12:50 SPN 201

  • Tuesday

    9:15-10:45 MLL 490
    11:00-11:45 RUS 101 Lab
    12:00-12-45 JPN 201 Lab
    2:00-2:45 CHN 201 Lab
    3:00-3:45 GER 101 Lab
    4:00-4:45 CHN 201 Lab
    5:00-5:45 SPN 101 Lab
    6:00-6:45 SPN 101 Lab

  • Wednesday

    9:15-10:20 FRN 100
    10:30-11:35 FYI
    11:45-12:50 SPN 201
    2:00-2:45 SPN 101 Lab

  • Thursday

    9:15-10:45 MLL 491
    11:00-11:45 CHN 101 Lab
    12:00-12-45 JPN 101 Lab
    1:00-1:45 JPN 101 Lab
    2:00-2:45 CHN 101 Lab
    3:00-3:45 JPN 201 Lab
    4:00-4:45 RUS 201 Lab
    5:00-5:45 SPN 101 Lab

  • Friday

    9:15-10:20 FRN 100
    10:30-11:35 FYI
    11:45-12:50 SPN 201

Supplemental materials