Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Strategic planning is underway at Union College. Over the 2018-19 academic year, hundreds of students, faculty, staff and administrators with a broad range of expertise and perspectives are working to chart a course for Union’s future in a rapidly changing world. These efforts will culminate with a new Strategic Plan for consideration by the Board of Trustees in October 2019.

Oversight and Committees

President David Harris is leading the strategic planning effort in consultation with many members of the Union College community, including an executive committee, a Board of Trustees ad hoc committee, and working groups. A designated project manager, Blair Raymond (x6011), is responsible for ensuring that all aspects of strategic planning proceed on schedule and in a manner that will produce the most successful final plan.

The Strategic Plan executive committee consists of the existing Planning and Priorities Group (P&P). At least one P&P meeting per month is devoted to strategic planning. This group is responsible for advising on the structure, process, initial focal areas, emerging recommendations, and final substance of the strategic plan.

An ad hoc committee of the Board of Trustees meets with President Harris monthly to receive updates and provides guidance on all aspects of the strategic plan. The committee provides a broad range of perspectives and serves as a proxy for the full Board.

Four working groups with broad campus representation are responsible for deep dives on major areas of interest:

  • Academic Offerings
  • The Student Experience Outside of Classroom
  • Brothers and Sisters
  • Foundational

The work of all of the aforementioned groups will be enhanced by significant engagement with the Union community and others. Engagement will happen through small and large group interactions such as town halls and meetings, as well as through written comments, webinars, and surveys. The entire community is encouraged to offer input.


A Prelude document was shared in May to gather input from the campus community on the direction of the college. In June we held a full-day retreat on campus to develop goals. The writing groups are gathering in July to further develop goals, and identify objectives and activities. In early September, the campus community will see a draft of the strategic plan. There will be a Town Hall meeting on September 13 during Common Hour in the O'Brien Center to hear back from the community. Feedback will inform a full strategic plan for consideration at the October 2019 Board of Trustees meeting.